The Batttle of Packing

I hate packing. I spend hours trying to choose the things that will keep me warm/cool, comfortable and beautiful, all at once. I compile an excellent, all-encompassing packing list, and later discover that my suitcase can fit only two thirds of the capacity of a paper sheet. Finally, when the bag is packed and zipped up, I find out that somehow those five-dresses-three-pairs-of-shoes-and-four-scarves way good 40 pounds, and oops! – it's too late to grow my biceps. 

Packing can be a nuisance – and yet, I secretly love it. I indulge into this process like one indulges into listening to a sugary song of the favorite boy band from the early teenage times. I might cry over the laws of physics when I realize I'm not able to fit in the fourth, absolutely essential pair of shoes. I can feel uncomfortable about the thought that I might not have a chance to nicely arrange everything in my closet and instead will have to memorize the exact location of every skirt in my bag. I might get frustrated about how bulky the suitcase appears. But in the end, I know that in a few days it will be standing several hundreds of miles away from here, and it will not matter anymore how many pounds I managed to squeeze in and how many I didn't.

I will simply fish out my sunglasses, or my umbrella, or both, and step out into the old streets of a new city. I will bathe in the caressing wind, or jump around the clouds reflected in the puddles. I will choose the coziest window seat at a local café, hug my tea cup, and squint in the morning sunbeams or listen to the thoughtful drumming of the rain. 

And it won't matter if I forgot to pack something, because the most important travel accessory one can ever possess is that special pair of glasses, the glasses of an explorer. And the most certain way to always take them along is to never take them off. 

So, before embarking on my journey, I put on those magic glasses and set off to explore my closet. I turn on my favorite radio station and start searching for the accessories for my future memories. My suitcase is tingling with impatience. My plain ticket is begging to be printed out. My travel bug is buzzing inside my chest. My inner smile is growing wider.


  1. I can totally relate to your post. My main thing - why so carefully and thoroughly compiled packing list turns out (with some items later ticked as "I can probably live without this on the road") to be a 200 kilo suitcase. And that's before any shopping in destination country. I've been keeping lists for years, they help with basic things, but, apparently, I look like being prepared for a nuclear war on each trip. And great language in the post, I admire your talent!

    1. Haha, being prepared for a nuclear war is exactly how I feel - or at least try to. Surprisingly, I remember times when I was able to pack in 15 minutes and fit all that I needed for a weekend trip into my purse. I also travelled Spain and Andorra for 10 days with the small bag which I now use as carry-on, with half of it being occupied by my winter coat. Those times, however, seem gone :)

    2. And once again, thank you for the warm feedback! I truly value your support, Olesya

  2. I love the way you express yourself and the imagery in your writing! I could totally imagine myself packing and getting frustrated if I forget something. Great job!

    Happy Blogging!

    Fatima A.

    1. Thanks, Fatima! Yes, packing is a challenge, but the feeling of satisfaction after zipping that final bag is priceless :)
      I bet you had to struggle with your case when moving to the new location, too)


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