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Christmas in our hearts / Різдво у серці

On the verge of the holidays, time always flies so fast, so uncontrollably. Catholic Christmas is in less than a week, and I haven’t even realized when this December has gone by. It seems we were just decorating the house with pumpkins and setting an abundant table for Thanksgiving, and yet there’s a a marvelous white-and-gold Christmas tree shining in our living room, and gifts are popping up underneath it one by one.
During these festive day I feel a little bit like a fairy. There are so many things to accomplish! Choosing presents for everyone and wrapping them in beautiful paper, baking ginger cookies and glazing tangerines with chocolate, writing Christmas cards and sending them all over the US, and, of course, stocking up on candles and spices for hot wine.
Every evening lights and music fill our house. I have learnt by heart almost all of the Christmas songs and keep singing along with Frank Sinatra, dancing around the kitchen while baking eggplant parmiggiana. I also take every …