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PSL / Гарбузово-пряне лате

It all starts with a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I can pretend as much as I want to that the astronomical summer still has almost two weeks to go, remind myself of the upcoming heat brought by Santa Ana winds, or reminisce of the last year’s boiling November. Yet as soon as PSL returns to Starbucks menu, I know I have to bid an official farewell to the summer.

This time I was postponing the moment for as long as I could. Spoiled by warm Spanish nights, I was still cherishing a hope that we could somehow squeeze the balmy Andalusian warmth into our suitcase, somewhere in between the bottle of 2010 red discovered in Granada and my new carefree dress bought in Seville, and that we’d manage to smuggle that warmth into California. Metal detectors will fail to find it, we will “forget” to mention it on our customs declaration, no one will ever now. We have a chance.

During the layover in Chicago our baggage got lost. We were waiting for it till the very last bag at LAX, then spent 15 minutes exp…