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February. Snapshots // Лютий. Калейдоскоп.

This February was like an inventive mischievous kid. As I was busy taking care of my serious adult things, fully convinced that he obediently slumbers in his little bed, he took advantage of the moment and slipped away behind my back, so that I barely managed to catch him by his tiny collar. So now I can only try and capture this month into a pack of versatile pictures. 

The canvas of this February was not deprived of vivid touches: Pablo Sáinz Villegas’ concert at Pepperdine University (which has impressed me so much that I am preparing a separate post about it), infinitely beautiful magnolia trees at Lake Shrine, juicy shots of Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, unforgettable croissant (!!) bread pudding at Margo’s, and one of the most gorgeous bouquets I have ever received. 

This month has brought us countless rains and thickest fogs, revealing the opportunity that one can only fully appreciate in Southern California – the opportunity to miss the sun. It has also left behind the memory of…