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The Batttle of Packing

I hate packing. I spend hours trying to choose the things that will keep me warm/cool, comfortable and beautiful, all at once. I compile an excellent, all-encompassing packing list, and later discover that my suitcase can fit only two thirds of the capacity of a paper sheet. Finally, when the bag is packed and zipped up, I find out that somehow those five-dresses-three-pairs-of-shoes-and-four-scarves way good 40 pounds, and oops! – it's too late to grow my biceps. 
Packing can be a nuisance – and yet, I secretly love it. I indulge into this process like one indulges into listening to a sugary song of the favorite boy band from the early teenage times. I might cry over the laws of physics when I realize I'm not able to fit in the fourth, absolutely essential pair of shoes. I can feel uncomfortable about the thought that I might not have a chance to nicely arrange everything in my closet and instead will have to memorize the exact location of every skirt in my bag. I might get fr…

The Thrilling Freedom of the Unknown

Starting a journey is always relatively easy. Most of the times, you have a ticket in your hand, the name of the destination in your mind, and a dream in your heart. You know that on a certain day you will board a plane, or get on a bus, or hop on a bike, or stick your thumb out, and that will be the beginning of your next great adventure. You might not be certain where you will end up, but you know for sure where you need to set off. When you start a blog, you might know neither.
What is truly scary abouta blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner is not its seeming emptiness – it’s the endless variety of choices it offers. Somehow, there always comes the feeling that the first word you put on that pristinepage determines the rest of your journey. It feels like standing in front of an endless flight schedule at a huge airport, with no idea what your destination should look like and no one to guide you through the choice. And sometimes, what youneed to do is to sim…