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Raindrops / Краплі

This year hasn’t even turned a month, yet it has already invited so many incredible emotions. Beloved husband's birthday, my second anniversary of moving to California, four wonderful photoshoots, a few unforgettable sunsets and even new acquaintances. Life is gathering a momentum, days are getting longer, changes are tickling the air. 

 The new year has come to Southern California alongside the rains. The latter are windy and at times even somewhat harsh, and yet they are so necessary. They fill up the thirsty water reservoirs and resurrect the grass, exhausted by the summer sun. They purify the land, preparing it for the new accomplishments. 

The rains also give an excuse to slow down the rapid flow of everyday life and to hide under a warm blanked, hugging a cup of herbal tea, listening to the sound of water drops and reading Steinbeck. 

Lately I have felt irresistibly drawn to simplicity and clear space. I am getting rid of all the clutter and letting go of outdate thing…