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Autumn in Los Angeles

Autumn is coming to California. It is not immediately noticeable, and you cannot track her down by the carelessly dropped red leaflets or crispy coolness of hazy mornings. It does not seduce you with the smells of dry burnt leaves or moist ripe apples. The only thing that makes Los Angeles autumn recognizable is the sun. In the summer, it always goes to sleep far behind the mountains, but now every day it puts its bed closer and closer to the ocean. September California sun is no less warm or cheerful than its August brother. Only now it gets tired a little bit quicker, so every time it cuts down its workday by a few minutes.

On autumn evenings, we try to go home as soon as possible, so that we have time to plunge in the golden mist over the Pacific Coast Highway and to see how one by one the windows of Santa Monica high-rises light up with blazing light. On autumn evenings, one can feel the value of time especially well, just as the value of anything else.

They say that autumn is the m…