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Everything is coming back / Все повертається

The winter seems to have pushed the fast forward button and, having skipped the spring, jumped straight into the summer. Mornings, until recently scruffy with the coolness, have turned into smiley and warm ones, and days have heated up so much that they had me crawl into my under-the-bed storage to fish out some summer shoes.

Blooming trees are hastily decorating themselves with the leaves, and some have even started shedding their petals in an attempt to catch up with such a rapid season change.

A five-hour drive away from there, the temperature still lingers in the 20s Fahrenheit, and here in Los Angeles the sky is turning white with heat, like iron, giving the ocean a specially deep, thoughtful shade.

On the days of such heat, the air vibrates differently, and the world gets all quiet and lost in itself. The heat seems to turn down the volume of everything and slow down the flow of time, engulfing and obscuring every single thing.

If around noon you climb a hill overlooking the oce…